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Catalog Numbers and Ratings

To properly configure a complete sensor application, you must specify the catalog numbers for a sensor unit, an output unit, an enclosure and power source and a communication cable. Consult the factory for guidance if assistance is needed to correctly specify the system components.

Sensor Unit - Voltage Only  
    Voltage     Withstand  Catalog Number

 Wght, Lbs

Nom BIL Dry Wet
kV kV kV kV
7.5 95 NA 30 VS-0095 23
15 110 NA 45 VS-0110 24
23 150 NA 60 VS-0150 25
34.5 200 NA 80 VS-0200 27
46 250 NA 100 VS-0250 28
69 350 175 145 VS-0350 31
115 550 385 300 VS-0550 60
138 650 435 380 VS-0650 65
161 750 500 450 VS-0750 70
230 900 665 590 VS-0900 81
230 1050 765 680 VS-1050 86
345 1300 900 790 VS-1300 145
500 1470 1015 870 VS-1470 162
115 kV Voltage Sensor
Voltage ratings are line to line.  Specify the catalog number that corresponds to your BIL and nominal voltage requirements

Output Unit


Voltage Output (VAC)

Catalog Number


O1 O2 O3
0-67/0-115 VO-115 -XX -XX -XX
0-10 VO-010 -XX -XX -XX
Note: To complete the Output Unit catalog number, add the required VA value to each of the three output signal fields of the base catalog number.  If no output signal is required for the second or third fields use "00" for null value.  Valid VA values are "01" (1.44), "15" and "25"

The Output Unit can be provided in several different configurations based on the requirements of customer's specific application:

Voltage Output Signal Formats - Output signals are available with standard formats of 0-115 or 0-67 VAC and an optional 0-10 VAC.  Standard VA is 1.44 but optional 15 and 25 VA are available for the 0-115 and 0-67 outputs.  The 1.44 and 15 VA can be provided on all three outputs while the 25 VA can be provided for up to two outputs only.  Other formats may be supported.  Please contact the factory if your device requirements are other than the output formats offered here.

Inputs/Outputs - The Output Unit accepts up to three voltage inputs and provides up to three analog voltage outputs.  This allows a single Output Unit to support up to three Sensor Units of the same or different ratings.  Alternately, the input signal from a single Sensor Unit can be used to provide up to three voltage output signals for three separate load devices (meters, relays, rtu's, etc.)
Enclosure/Power Source  

Enclosure Size

Power Source

Catalog Number

Value Supp. By
Std 024 VDC Customer E1-024-S
048 VDC Customer E1-048-S
125 VDC Customer E1-125-S
120 VAC Customer E1-120-S
Large 024 VDC Customer E1-024-L
024 VDC SEECO E2-024-L
048 VDC Customer E1-048-L
125 VDC Customer E1-125-L
120 VAC Customer E1-120-L
Solar SEECO E4-024-L
Enclosure catalog E1-125-S
Power Source - The Output Unit will operate with customer supplied 24, 48 and 125 VDC or 120 VAC.  An optional SEECO supplied 24 VDC power source complete with batteries, battery charger, and battery testing mechanism can be provided, which requires customer supplied 120 VAC.  A solar power source can also be supplied for geographically remote applications.

Enclosure - The Output Unit can be provided complete with an enclosure.  The standard enclosure is provided for most typical applications and is sized to accommodate the output device, terminal blocks for output signal wiring connections, up to three circular, MS connectors and power source inputs.  A larger enclosure is available and is sized to accommodate the above material plus the optional SEECO supplied 24 VDC or solar power source, or other customer supplied equipment (SEL relays, rtu's, etc.)

Communication Cable  
Catalog Number
Base Length
Note: To complete the Communication Cable catalog number, add the required cable length to the base catalog number.  Add leading zeroes where necessary to create a four digit length value, i.e. a 170 foot linear length would be specified as "CAB-0170".

Communication from the Sensor Unit to the Output Unit is digital not analog, providing a maximum cable length of up to 4,000 feet.  The cable length can be specified in 10 foot increments.  One cable is required per Sensor.

The cable has a UV protected black PVC jacket, which is sunlight resistant, impervious to moisture and vapor penetration and is suitable for installation in both wet and dry locations.  Each end of the cable is pre-terminated with a circular MS connector for quick and easy connection to both the Sensor and Output Unit devices.  Cable is suitable for direct burial.

Cable catalog CAB-0050

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